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We hope that you are arriving at this page pretty excited. However, if you are here you obviously have some questions still. Hopefully the below cover most of your questions, but if we have missed anything please do get in touch! 

In Person Volunteering

This section is all about the in person volunteering.


Flights are not included in our booking process or costs. We ensure that we guide you on the flights that look the best and the date / time that we need you to be arriving into Kenya. Unfortunately we don't work with travel agents as we have found that it is cheaper to source your own flights independently

Carbon Footprint

All of our trips are carbon neutral. We ensure that the carbon footprint of each trip is offset through work with other partners.

Number of People

Each trip will have a maximum of 5 volunteers and a Volunteer Lead and in Country Lead - so a total of 7 people in your party.


You will be staying in a shared house in Magadi. The house will be separated for females and for males and has 2 bathrooms. The house is basic, but you do have electricity and the ability to sleep in a comfortable bed. Please remember that you are in Kenya and things will likely go wrong, water may cut out or electricity and air-con is not guaranteed. 


We ask for a £100 deposit upon booking and then the cost of the trip to be settled 4 weeks prior to departure. The cost per person is £669, excluding the deposit and covers food, water, transport and accommodation


You will need to apply for your visa before travelling and we require a negative COVID PCR ahead of travel. You will need to visit your doctor for advice on travel and vaccinations and for anti-malaria medication. Everything is paid for in Kenya (including local tips) but you may want to bring extra to support local crafts and for any soft drinks / alcohol 

Virtual Volunteering

This section details our Virtual Volunteering opportunities


All of the virtual volunteering opportunities are open to anyone. Some of the activities would benefit from a background in business, leadership and planning and specifically the school improvement plan activity would benefit from experience of school development. However, others simply require a desire and commitment to help

Length of Volunteering

The length of the volunteering is dependent upon the activity that you are volunteering for. The reading programme for example can be un-ending as the benefit will continue as long as you give it the time. The mentoring we are seeking volunteers for a minimum 6 month commitment, but will ensure that we review this with you on an ongoing basis. 


We are seeking funding through grants to make all of our programmes free for volunteers. However, until that time we are seeking support from our volunteers to help with the internet credit that the mentee will use. We ask Volunteers to support with £5 per volunteer session to help this facilitation. 


Whilst we recognise that situations change, we request commitment from all of our Volunteers to endevour to meet all volunteering meetings. Trust and relationships are central to the work that we do and we ask that you keep that central to your commitment

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