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Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Trip Length:

8 days



Lake Nakuru, Kenya

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A Bit About Volunteering at Riziki

Brand new for 2023! We are really excited to provide the opportunity for Volunteers to spend a week with our partner Riziki Children's Organisation near Lake Nakuru in Kenya. Riziki is a place of love. A place where children are cared for where their parents haven't been able to or where their care system has collapsed. Riziki is focussed on being a place where children can feel that they are part of a family and to develop their lives from a solid base. Volunteers will be living within the same compound, but in a separate house to the children and small care team. Our trips are held during the school holidays, so get set for a breathless week! 

You will be volunteering as a group of 5 with a Volunteer Leader and Peter (our lead in Kenya) who will support you during your time with us.

Volunteer Timeline

Day 1 (Thursday)

Day 2

Day 3 to 8

Day 9

Depart from the UK from your chosen airport, flying overnight and arriving into Kenya on the following day. 

Early arrival into Nairobi, where you will be met by your Volunteering leadership team. You will set off on a journey to Riziki taking approximately 3 to 4 hours. Meet the team at Riziki and get settled into your accommodation and then straight on with brief activities before the closing of the day. 

You are in at the deep end from the start. Today and throughout the trip your time is spent in the way that we will develop with you ahead of your trip. From reading to play to sports to crafts to games to getting involved in the food preparations and overall running of Riziki. A great week ahead! 

Depart Riziki and to Nairobi for your return flight home

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