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Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Memusi Schools 

Magadi, Kenya

Trip Length:

8 days



Magadi, Kenya

A Bit About Volunteering in Magadi

Magadi is where Memusi is based. This is our primary base and the place that we have worked for 15 years as at September 2022. Magadi has a total of 21 Primary Schools and as a charity, the programmes that Memusi Foundation supports reaches up to 20,000 children at ECD (pre-school) and Primary Level. When you volunteer in Magadi, you will be volunteering as a group of 5 with a Volunteer Leader and Peter (our lead in Kenya) who will support you during your time with us. 

Food will be cooked in a morning and evening in the house that we stay in and lunch cooked / prepared at the school where you volunteer. Every meal is buffet style and you will be able to choose the food that you want to eat. 

Volunteer Timeline

Day 1 (Thursday)

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 to 8

Day 9

Depart from the UK from your chosen airport, flying overnight and arriving into Kenya on the following day. 

Early arrival into Nairobi, where you will be met by your Volunteering leadership team. You will set off on a journey to Magadi taking approximately 3 to 4 hours. Meet the school (if Volunteering at Memusi A), meet the teachers and get settled into your accommodation.

Team building, medical camp or getting started with your project. 

Sunday is a day of rest in Kenya. You will join the community at Church in the morning, followed by lunch and an afternoon at leisure.

A week in school / in your project! This is your opportunity to get involved in your chosen activity.

Depart Magadi and to Nairobi for your return flight home

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